Pharma Billing and Distributions Software

"e-Cubix Pharma Billing and Distributions Software" is a highly efficient system covering the distribution process of any Pharmaceutical Company. The system covers the transactions taking place starting from factory, mother warehouse, distribution department and CFA/CSA/Super Stockists. Entire sales and distribution channel, starting from Purchase/Manufacturing to Stock Transfer to Sales & Collection is covered under eCubix Interact.

It also helps companies to track the stock at each location and provides regular alerts on stock movement, near expiry and breakages occurring at depots.

"e-Cubix Pharma Billing and Distributions Software" is developed keeping in mind the requirements of the Pharmaceutical Industry. "e-Cubix Pharma Billing and Distributions System" is in the market since last decade and is being used successfully by more than 50 pharmaceuticals companies and over 800 CFA / C&A / Super Stockiest across India.

Distribution System Work Flow



  • Online-Offline mode is beneficial for places where internet connectivity is challenging
  • Offline mode allows quick transaction processing
  • Work bifurcation at all levels
  • Authorization rights with HO users
  • Detailed tracking of all transactions. E.g. Sales order > Packing Slip > Sales Invoice > LR Entry > C/H/F Forms > Road Permit > Payment > Return Note > Credit/Debit
  • Bundle of reports satisfying needs of different users
  • Various utilities like printing, audit trail maintenance, selective report generation makes it easy to work on the system.
  • Analytical view for Decision Making
  • Integrated systems reduces duplication of work
  • Comprehensive reports to make informed decision regarding policies and define future strategies
  • Increase Productivity -time taken for various activity reduces significantly
  • Monitor overall business processes easily
  • Management view, graphical view gives greater insight

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