Sales Admin
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Real Time SMS View
Our unique SMS dashboard captures all incoming and outgoing SMS and gives you a real time view of the reporting activity. Many other features like historical SMS/Online visit tracking of an employee, team reporting status, team MSL search are also available
Status reports for all activities
Field compliance and status reports are readily available, which may help in tracking irregularity in submitting & approving plan, daily reporting, submitting & approving expense claim, submitting secondary sales and support
Simple Employee Activity Reports
We have ready and real time reports available to evaluate daily work done by employees, coverage, call average, missed, etc.
Easy masters management
Entry and upload methodology available with masters make them easy to manage in few clicks. Each master has 'Export to Excel' facility.

Sales & Marketing Team
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Target Setting & Achievement analysis
You can set targets at either geography or employee level and at either product or brand level. Reports for actual Vs targets reflect in the achievement performance
Primary Vs Secondary Analysis
First and second level sales comparison will help in identifying territories with high difference between primary and secondary
Team sales performance
Evaluate sales performance of team members working in pool territories
Channel partner sales performance
Stockiest wise primary, secondary and closing values comparison gives an insight on territories with excess or less stock
Employee Activity Performance
Employee wise coverage, missed and visit reports are available to track their field activity

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Quick attendance capturing
Multiple interfaces including SMS and GPRS based apps, allows capturing daily attendance on time
Employee performance analysis
Employee performance can be analyzed on various parameters including target achievement, YPM, Sales, Support, Coverage, Call Average, Work Days and Leave Days
Easy joining and resign
You can easily manage joining and resignation of employees in employee master
Easy hierarchy maintenance
You can map, transfer, promote, replace vacant employees quickly and easily with employee hierarchy management interface
Yearly leave maintenance
You can manage yearly eligible leaves employee wise, their confirmation date and get a report on leave availed / balance leave.

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Routes and distance capturing
You can capture routes and distances between cities, categorize them and assign to employees for easy TA calculation
Manage Team Allowances
You can manage team allowances either designation or person wise. You can define fixed, actual or maximum limit type daily, travelling, no working, and monthly allowances
Auto claim generation
Your team members would not have to generate manual claim, as it gets automatically generated at the end of the month
Quick claim approval
You can verify and approve claims easily without having to wait for the physical vouchers, as they can be scanned and attached, along, by the field team.

Product Management Team
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Brand Sales Analysis
Brand wise sales analysis, contribution of territories in brand sales can be obtained
Brand Penetration for Prescribers
Brand/SKU wise prescription capturing for getting insights on penetration of specific brands in various territories

Top management
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DSS reports
Specially designed decision support system reports enables in quick analysis
Performance analysis reports
Geo, Employee, Stockiest, Doctor Performance analysis reports gives an overall insight of company performance
Graphical report for quick decision making
Graphical representation of performance gives you a quick look at contribution, trend analysis

Field Team Member
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Visibility of team members activity
Field managers have visibility of activities done by their team members. Team members also have visibility of joint plan made by their managers
Hierarchy based reports
Hierarchy based reports allows field managers to compare and analyze team performance
Simple / quick reporting through SMS
All field team members can focus on their core activities without the hassles of web reporting, as SMS reporting makes reporting quick , simple and easy for them
Timely Reminders and alerts
Periodic reminders and SMS alerts allow you to perform daily reporting and other activities easily
Aiding Utilities
Message box for internal communication, self performance mini dashboard at start-up, self activity completion/dependency calendar